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CPT William M., US Marine Corps (26 Years Old)
“You folks have been a great help. I’ve even passed on your suggestions to other officers I know. Your organization is truly one of a kind in my eyes, and its wonderful to think of past service members keeping ties with the current ones. Again, thanks for the continued help with the resume!”
MSGT Karl K., US Air Force 68-91 (59 Years Old)
“My experience with New York State for Veterans far exceeded my expectations. I was very pleased to receive a call from a staff member on the same day I submitted my paperwork. They were able to identify an opportunity that met my requirements in less than a week and helped me set up the interview. Soon after, I was hired by the company and began working almost immediately. I am truly grateful for the assistance NYS 4 Vets provided in helping me get back into the workforce in such a short period of time.”
SPC Michael F., Us Army Reserves (28 Years Old)
“The career guidance and employment leads from NYS 4 Veterans quickly landed me a great job working for an employer in my desired field. I used 6 other employment agencies over a 7 month search for a job – with zero results. One phone call to NYS for Vets and I received a job offer in just two weeks.”
CPT David D., US Army (27 years old)
“Having only really worked for the Army as a full time employee, I found the world of civilian job hunting to be a foreign one – especially in this difficult economy.

I got in touch with NYS 4 Veterans for help with this search and after a short time, I had my resume completely reworked and got help with the interview process (which was long and involved, and without help would have been far more difficult). I can state very confidently that without NYS 4 Veterans I would still be looking for a job instead of being in my second week of employment!”